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Riley's Mauhi-Mauhi Dish

Riley's Mauhi-Mauhi Dish

4 filets of Mauhi-Mauhi
2 tbs. olive oil
Heavy non stick aluminum foil, formed into a pan or a aluminum pan.
3 tbs. Riley’s All Purpose Seasonings or Riley’s Cajun Seasonings.
1 whole onion cut up.

1. Pour olive oil into foil pan and lay fish on top.
2. Spread onion on fish.
3. Sprinkle Riley’s All Purpose or Cajun Seasoning over all ( to your taste)
4. Place on grill with medium heat for 30 min. or until done.

May also bake in oven, uncovered.

Salmon, Catfish filets, Halibut or Pollock or any fish of your liking may be used.

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