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The “Best” Bloody Mary

The “Best” Bloody Mary

Individual Serving
8oz glass
5 (½ circle) ice cubes
2oz Vodka
½ of 1/5th of a thin skinned (fresh) lime – squeeze into glass (and add)
V-8 juice (plain only) fill to ¼” of top of glass
4 ½ bar spoons full Worcestershire sauce (only Lee & Perrins)
3 or 4 drops Tobasco Sauce (only McIllhenny Co)
1 bar spoonful Horseradish sauce (not creamy type) (as fresh as possible) (hot)
Riley’s All-Purpose (only) cover ¾th of contents top (1-2 shakes)
Rileys Butcher Grind Pepper (1-2 shakes on top to cover 1/8th of surface)
Stir in powders Well
Sip and Enjoy

Optional “Great” Touch – if you have enough time!

Fresh celery stalk – fill with spreadable cream cheese – use as a stirring stick – and/or eat!

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